Healthcare Management Solution

custom software development for the healthcare institution and medical equipment Manufacturing.

Business Functionalities

General Inpatient System – Patient admittance and discharge, Room planning, Nursing station with patients overview, Treatment/monitoring and medicine orders, Integration with internal LIS and RIS, Doctor and nurse tracing data, medical reports, discharge reports; CPOE & Dietary, Critical Care.

General Outpatient System – Exam schedule, Assistants stations, Assistant doctor support, Integration with internal LIS and RIS; Prescription, medical reports, Diagnosis based on ICD10 and scheduling following actions (operation indication and appointment).

Clinical Applications – All services represented with base medical meanings which can be extended with any clinical need; Any service or service request triggers clinical workflows based on these base or extended medical meanings; Base medical meanings contains Exams, operations, tests, studies, periodic services, etc.; Any base medical meaning can be extended and customized by different clinical needs without compromising front and back office processes like pricing or billing.

EMR – All medical information is cored by widely designed database; In every step of treatment stared at request and planning phase to final assessment and result recording, nature of task, notes of every medical staff, any related medical information is stored with patient’s, staff’s and equipment etc. Ids and timestamps; All operations can be maintained paperless.

Decision Support

Both inpatient and outpatient modules supply doctors and other medical staff a wide information representing patients current and all past medical information; Internal LIS module tracks and supply medical staff detailed information about patients past test results, reference and critical values related on patient’s gender, age and current medical condition. supports alerts related to test results; Both internal LIS and RIS module supplies detail clinical information about patient to related medical staff; Automated and hand filled medical history tracks patient surgery, self and family history, allergies, etc. and supplies this information to medical staff as needed.

Patient Billing – Supports multiple periodic price lists for services and materials; Price lists can be differential for facilities, doctor groups, etc.; Price calculations automated trough social security agency and insurance company agreements with a highly sophisticated engine; Includes campaign management, loyalty cards, etc.; Each treatment case can be priced and billed to several parties based on agreement rules; Supports detailed, briefed and merged billing.

Pharmacy – Medicine inventory can be traced in different locations; Support for serial numbers and expiration dates; Support for 1D and 2D barcode systems; Patients orders can be traced, prescriptions for patients can be generated and transferred to responsible departments, schedules for the orders can be monitored and altered by the pharmacy.

Revenue Cycle Applications – Pricing and service rules like provision, control periods, mandatory paper forms, etc. defined by agreements are tracked and force in every step of patient’s visit. These definitions keep patients file billable all time and avoids forfeit; Supports periodic billing case management; Gives brief and detailed information to management and corresponding departments about cash flow by tracking all billing and payment transactions.

Surgery/OR Management – Indications collected from outpatient and inpatient system can be monitored and surgery request can be generated based on that information; Surgery schedules can be made including detail information and planning for operators, anesthesiologists, support personnel, surgery room, equipment and materials; Staff and room performance can be monitored; Surgery results are filled separately with actual crew, room, equipment and material data without changing the original plan data; Supports multiple clinic and crew for single operating sessions and sessions can be related to each other.

Staff Scheduling – Detailed resource planning system tracks every personnel’s schedule including doctors, nurses, technicians and other supports personnel; Any area in facility like patient and surgery rooms, etc. can be defined and traced by RP module; Any equipment can be defined and traced by RP module; For every resource working and non-working time charts can be defined with service type detail.