We Do Everything under the umbrella of Marketing

Marketing Strategy and Tactics:

We Define the agencies mission and assesses it with a proper plan that determines how will goals be achieved

Marketing Research:

We review the agency’s surrounding forces in the an environment like competitors and demographics. Lays out the
internal and external factors through the use of (SWOT) analysis.

Direct Marketing & Sales:

Provided to consumers in order to communicate information about a product or service. Seeks to elicit A call to action ” from the customer like visit or purchase. It includes postal mail, telemarketing, and direct email marketing.

Branding & Rebranding:

Develop graphics and visual images for product illustrations, logos, and websites. Create designs either by hand or using computer software packages.

Marketing Consultancy/ Team Supervision:

We Define the agency’s mission and assesses it with a proper plan that determines how will goals be achieved

Digital Marketing:

Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns. Review new technologies and keep the company in development in digital marketing.

Mega Questions about How Companies Use the Digital Marketing.

No one can be questioning now if companies use the digital marketing or no, the question had become how do they use it? Thus, eMarketing latest report: Digital Marketing Insights 2020; had included a survey of more than 450 million companies in the Middle East to investigate their practices and benchmarks when using the digital marketing.

Do companies in benefit from digital marketing?

Digital marketing in meeting their key marketing priorities, as a starting point; we reviewed the top marketing priorities for the surveyed companies. The results showed that 92% of companies consider “Acquiring New Customers” as their most important priority, followed by 80% mentioning “Retaining Current Customers”. However, when it comes to digital marketing strategic role; the ranking shows different story where the majority mentioned digital marketing to be “very useful” for “Acquiring New Customers”, but it was limited as mentioned only by 53% of companies.

Digital Marketing Operations

Companies may choose to run all digital marketing activities in-house, or to outsource it, or to combine both in-house and outsourcing operations. The findings showed that about 72% of the surveyed companies are running digital marketing operations in-house, vs. 9% are outsourcing digital marketing operations.

Marketing Channels

Social media; unsurprisingly, topped the channels used as mentioned by 97% of the surveyed companies. It is mainly used for brand awareness objectives as mentioned by 36% of them, while 20% of them use it for lead generation objectives, the remaining 44% use is to help both objectives (i.e. brand awareness and lead generation).

The Pursued Objectives

With view to the pursued objectives (i.e. lead generation vs. brand awareness); only 31% of companies had mentioned the social media management as “very effective” for brand awareness and 54% of them had mentioned the Search Engine Marketing (AdWord) as “very effective” for lead generation.

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