E-commerce Solution

E-commerce has expanded over the past years and become a powerful business segment. It lets companies earn on the web using such commercial solutions as:

  • Payment systems
  • E-shops
  • E-trade solutions
  • CRM and EMS systems

E-commerce Software Development Cases

All the projects of this level include strict NDA, so it is prohibited to give publicity to the customer company’s name and to the developed e-commerce solutions.
To learn more about our expertise, project descriptions and testimonials, please contact our marketing department.

You may get the general idea of NeuSoft’s competence from the following list of our projects:

  • Trading Platforms and E-commerce software solutions development
  • Payment Gateways design and development
  • Stock exchange trading platform
  • Real estate e-commerce solutions
  • Different B2B and B2C solutions
  • Hotel Reservation systems building
  • E-commerce websites design and development
  • Supply management systems and more.

Why E-commerce Development by NeuSoft?

E-commerce solutions are highly demanded due to their flexibility and profitability, this is the reason to order NeuSoft e-commerce software development. NeuSoft company provides the customers with valuable benefits:

  • Highly qualified personnel with solid development experience
  • Reasonable costs for delivered software services
  • Mature e-commerce development process
  • Complex problem solving and consulting services
  • Dedicated QA lab and English-speaking team